The Cadmus Broadside Series Number One, out of print, were issued in a signed/numbered edition (1-100) and 26 lettered copies, signed, (A-Z) which were sold as sets in a folder. Each was signed by the author and, where appropriate, the illustrator, and will not be reprinted.

Authors: Edward Dorn, Robert Creeley, M.F.K. Fisher, Thomas Sanchez, Bradford Morrow

Artists: Guy Davenport, Pamela Gardella, Sally McQuillan, Trixie

Printers: Graham Mackintosh, Judyl Mudfoot, Leslie Miller

A Robert Service Bear Flies Imitation

A poem by Edward Dorn

from the poem:

“ … They're the trashiest insects in Alaska …
… They eat Deer flies for breakfast and consider it delicate … ”

Signed by Ed Dorn
Designed and printed by Graham Mackintosh
Border design by Trixie, signed
17½" x 22½"



A poem by Robert Creeley

from the poem:

“Lunch with its divers
orders of sliced
chicken going by on
the lazy susan with
the cucumber, the goat cheese,
the remnants of the rice
salad left from last night … ”

Signed by Robert Creeley
Designed and printed by Graham Mackintosh
Block carved by Sally McQuillan
17¾" x 22"


Saddle Up the Rattlesnakes

A poem by Thomas Sanchez

from the poem:

“Saddle up the rattlesnakes boys
after 200 years comes the Cowboy President
… borne by thunder of helicopter horsemen
hooves of turbulent air striking
invisible paths below
carved through redstone heart of
Chumash Nation … ”

Signed by Tom Sanchez, author of Rabbit Boss and Mile Zero
Designed and printed from handset Baskerville by Judyl Mudfoot
15" x 22", Rives BFK



a poem by Bradford Morrow

from the poem:

“Darius Milhaud, last of les six, advised
me … the most delicious roasted
chicken that he ever ate was cooked up by
Brancusi in the great corner kiln in his studio,
used concurrently for warmth, melting metals,
roasting fowl and fish … ”

Signed by Brad Morrow and Guy Davenport
Illustration by Guy Davenport after Constantine Brancusi's “Mlle. Pogany”
Designed and printed at the Grenfell Press by Leslie Miller
14" x 23", J.B. Green's Katuscha Cover


The Essential Ingredient

M.F.K. Fisher

from the broadside:

“The first advice is from the Journal kept by
a London apothecary, in Shakespeare's time. The
second is from a handbill thrust at me in Aix-en-
Provence in about 1970, by a tall man dressed in
rough thick clothes.

It was night. Down the side street from which he
darted now and then with his bunch of flimsy broad-
sides I could hear the quavering of a dismal hymn.
It sounded strange in the dark, sung perhaps by five
or six ancient women, and its Weyleyan measures were
doubly foreign in that Catholic town where Campra
had been born and where schoolboys whistled phrases
from the Jerusalem Psalter as unconsciously as they
did from the latest rock-and-roll. But the handbill
was no more strange to me than the other old recipe
for both spoke of incantation, and mystery, and age-
less faith: the essentials of healing”

Signed by M.F.K. Fisher
Designed and printed by Judyl Mudfoot and printed
on Rives BFK, Gutenberg Laid, and Mohawk Superfine
Calligraphy by Pamela Gardella
15" x 22"

We believe this is the only edition ever signed by M.F.K. Fisher.