Romance of Romance

cover illustration by A. Shapiro


A novel by Heather Folsom

technical design by Nina Krebs
ISBN 0-932274-70-6
Quality Trade Paperback
first edition May 2008
1 black & white illustration
300 PAGES. 5¼" x 8¼"

Falling in love, the experience of beauty, memory, longing, and the creative impulse for good and evil—these elements comprise the romantic.

In this darkly comic tale, Romance of Romance, the psychiatrist-author brings them all to life.

We enter a world both unimagined and familiar, with newly-minted characters, predicaments, even aspects of language itself. The novel is entertaining, engrossing, and ultimately profound.

The main character, a successful and bored romance writer, is suddenly thrust into an emotional tailspin which leads to adventures worthy of Don Quixote and a dramatic and satisfying conclusion.

Heather Folsom is a psychiatrist and writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is her third book of fiction, following the acclaimed collection of short stories, Philosophie Thinly Clothed, and her groundbreaking novel of ideas, containing an original theory of the mind, Hypohypothesis.

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