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She Woke Me Up
So I Killed Her

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by Lola Alvárez Bravo

Out of Print

first edition 1985
ISBN 0-932274-27-7

Translations by Paul Bowles

91 PAGES. 5½" x 8¼"

This work gathers more than thirty years of short translations from the Spanish and French by this important writer and translator. Included are stories by Borges, Sender, de Chirico, Ponge, Colinet, and such esoterica as Flornoy's “Shrinking the Heads” and a bizarre account from the Mexican press, “Record of Proceedings in the Case of Gabino Chan.” These translations mostly precede Bowles' own mythopoeism and foreshadow the author's preoccupation with the mythic and macabre. “Little by little the desire came to me to invent my own myths, adopting the point of view of the primitive mind.” With a preface by Bowles.

About the Book

The work in this volume is remarkable, spectacular and seminal fiction. Bowles is a shrewd and consistently astute judge of literary work, an editor of excellence. And besides all that — this book is a damn good read, as the British put it.

— Don Skiles


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