of War


by Leighton Rollins

Afterword by the Rt. Rev. Daniel Corrigan
ISBN 0-932274-15-3
first edition 1981
illustrations by Francisco de Goya
55 PAGES. 9" x 5¾"

This powerful anti-war drama is constructed around twelve aquatints from Francisco Goya's Los Desastres de la Guerra. The aquatints are reproduced from the artist's proof.

From the Book

Desolate, disillusioned, lost,
The war ended and the road obscured.
No leader with hand upheld
Bends low to move
The festering body of his death.
Lost, we turn upon ourselves
And march around the stricken mulberry bush.

About the Book

Leighton Rollins' poetry is as appropriate today as it was in the days of the Munich betrayal.

— Kenneth Rexroth

The Goya etchings themselves, although reduced in size, are the sharpest and clearest that this reviewer has seen. Rollins' text is eloquent in its very simplicity and sincerity.

— Kenneth Brown