cover illustration by A. Shapiro


A novel by Heather Folsom

technical design by Nina Krebs
ISBN 0-932274-66-8
first edition January 2004
line illustrations by Colleen Dwire
200 PAGES. 5¼" x 8¼"

This debut literary novel is a madcap romp, a dark comedy which stands psychiatry on its head, has a party scene to rival the Mad Hatter's, and then, in a tour de force, performs the historic function of the novel: bringing news, in this instance, a rigorously-argued original theory of the mind.

Two unlikely protagonists, a serious, somewhat pompous professor of psychiatry and a brilliant-but-unsound student, are thrust together in a disaster zone. They encounter a host of supporting characters—twin sideshow fat ladies, squabbling philosophers, an escape artist, and other unusual, zany persons.

The author, herself a psychiatrist, writes in the spare and elegant style of her first book, Philosophie Thinly Clothed and other stories, Cadmus Editions 2003, which received favorable critical attention.

About the Book

Many novels fit neatly into expectations, while some force readers to re-examine their expectations and engage the book within the limits the author has set for it. Heather Folsom's novel, Hypohypothesis, a novel of ideas that rejects many of the often-used conventions of commercial fiction, is definitely the latter type of book . . .

Though Folsom's writing is minimilist, her deft characterization and ironic dialogue within a plot more similar to theater of the absurd than to realism prove to be real storytelling strengths . . .

In Hypohypothesis, Folsom has written a novel that breaks from the conventions of commercial fiction to offer a unique, witty, and even enlightening read.

— Timothy Welch


Hypohypothesis is a unique novel deftly written by Heather Folsom, who draws upon her expertise and experience as a practicing psychiatrist to integrate an original theory of the human mind into an engaging tale . . .

Hypohypothesis is a superbly written and original story that documents Heather Folsom as a gifted author who will leave her readers looking eagerly toward her next foray into fiction.


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