Drawings by
Walter Anderson

Preface by Mary Anderson Pickard
ISBN 0-932274-63-3
first edition 2004
Afterword by Christopher Maurer
44 PAGES. 7" x 10"

This book presents 17 of Walter Anderson's pen-and-ink drawings of pelicans as well as an essay by Anderson on his time spent roughing it on Louisiana's Chandeleur Islands among the pelican communities he had come to study and draw. His daughter adds a felicitous preface about her father's interest in pelicans as an artistic subject and the natural history of the Chandeleur Islands.

Walter Anderson (1903-1965) was largely unheralded during his lifetime, but a recent critically acclaimed exhibition at the Smithsonian crystallized his status as a major figure in American art.

also by Christopher Maurer, translation How a City Sings from November to November