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Yellow Lola

cover illustration by David Hockney

Out of Print

by Ed Dorn

ISBN 0-932274-13-7
first edition 1981
ISBN 0-932274-13-5
128 PAGES, 4½" x 6"

Letterpress in two colors by Graham Mackintosh

About the Book

This is a small book but by no means a slight one. In it Dorn trains his sensibility upon American culture with beautiful ferocity . . . quick, aphoristic shards of thought . . . analytic, witty, curt, precise, and complex . . . a modern Francis Bacon. Reading these poems provokes both laughter and anger — and it is a mark of Dorn's greatness that the two can reinforce each other with such intensity.

— Kathryn Shevelow

cover art also by David Hockney Early Routines